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The EU and the prevention of mass atrocities: An assessment of strengths and weaknesses


The Budapest Centre has joined the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (GFLJD) to make available relevant research and practice to improve development outcomes in the field of law and justice, with particular attention to mass atrocities prevention.
On 19th November 2012, the Task Force on the EU Prevention of Mass Atrocities, the Foundation for the International Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities, the SWP, the INEF and the Käte Hamburger Kolleg / Centre for Global Cooperation Research invited a variety of high-ranking academics, policy-makers and representatives of civil society to discuss a draft of the report of the Task Force (TF) on strengthening the EU’s capabilities to prevent mass atrocities.

The Budapest Centre releases its Roundtable report on “Hate speech: the role of new in the prevention of mass atrocities”.

Dr. Gyorgy Tatar, Chair of the Board of Trustees, addresses the participants of the 5th Budapest Human Rights Forum.
The Foundation, in cooperation with one of its founders, the Central European University, organized a roundtable where the representatives of academia and policy makers could discuss and explore the role of new media in the prevention of mass atrocities.

The Budapest Centre paid an official visit to Turkey.

In course of the visit the representatives of the Budapest Centre met with officials of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Development Agency.