Dr. Gyorgy Tatar, Chair of the Board of Trustees, addresses the participants of the 5th Budapest Human Rights Forum.
The Foundation, in cooperation with one of its founders, the Central European University, organized a roundtable where the representatives of academia and policy makers could discuss and explore the role of new media in the prevention of mass atrocities.

The Budapest Centre paid an official visit to Turkey.

In course of the visit the representatives of the Budapest Centre met with officials of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Development Agency.
The Budapest Centre was invited to participate to the Ordinary Meeting of the Regional Committee on Genocide Prevention of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) that was held in Kampala (Uganda), with the support of the Office of the Special Advisor of the UN Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide and in collaboration with the Uganda National Coordination Mechanism.

In the premises of the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe a representative of the Budapest Centre attended the Seminar for the Uganda National Committee for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide and Mass Atrocities co-organized by the UN Office of the Special Adviser of the Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide (OPGR2P) and the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), with the goal of improving prevention mechanisms at the national level in Uganda in the field of genocide and mass atrocities prevention.

he 2012 Annual Conference of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy focused on Peace building & Reconciliation and Human Rights, with a particular focus on the prevention of mass atrocities.

The meeting also served as a starting point of cooperation between the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and the Budapest Centre in the field of mass atrocities prevention.

Speech of Dr. Gyorgy Tatar:

The 2012 conference of the Italian MFA focused on the centrality of the person and the protection of human rights.

Taking place on 21 September in Paris, the Round Table aimed to take stock of the EU’s current capabilities and practices in the domain of mass atrocity prevention and to discuss options for improving the warning-response linkage.