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Climate Change

Why climate change is a threat to human rights, TED Talk.

Climate change will displace millions. Here's how we prepare, TED Talk.

The Environmental Disaster that is Fuelled by Used Clothes and Fast Fashion. ABC News In-depth.

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The International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE)

Research Reports (most recent)

The Effects of Assad’s Atrocities and the Call to Foreign Fighters to Come to Syria on the Rise and Fall of the ISIS Caliphate
ISIS-Linked Digital Activism and Sympathy-Raising on Behalf of ISIS Women Held in SDF Camps
Social Media Tracking of ISIS Women and Real-Life Actions of ISIS Men on Their Behalf
Spontaneous Deradicalization and the Path to Repatriate Some ISIS Members
ISIS and the Militant Jihad on Instagram

Brief Reports

Can Case of Samantha Elhassani Be a Positive Example for Repatriation of Other ISIS Wives?
European Attacks and the Uproar Over Hate Speech as ISIS Virtual Caliphate Continues to Reign
Qatar Takes a Major Step Toward a Freer Society
Will Upcoming Trials of ISIS Women in Northeast Syria Speed Up Repatriations of Some?
ISIS Death in SDF Prison Raises Questions About Repatriation Before They Face Death

International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR)

Reports (most recent)

The New Philosemitism: Exploring a Changing Relationship Between Jews and the Far-Right
The Islamic Movement in Britain
Deradicalisation in Singapore: Past, Present and Future
Extremist Offender Management in Europe: Country Reports
Prisons and Terrorism: Extremist Offender Management in 10 European Countries

Features (publications are a bit older (from 2019 and earlier but seem interesting)

From Daesh to ‘Diaspora’ II: The Challenges Posed by Women and Minors After the Fall of the Caliphate
The Cost of Crying Victory: Policy Implications of the Islamic State’s Territorial Collapse
Holy Mobilisation: The Religious Legitimation behind Iraq’s Counter-ISIS Campaign
The King’s Programme for Middle East Dialogue Research Papers 2018
Beyond ISIS & Al-Qaeda: The Long Tail of Global Islamist Violence


Foreign Fighters and the Returnee Threat
Islamist and Jihadist Non-State Actor Governance in the Arab World
The Women and Minors of Islamic State

Radicalisation Awareness Network

Rehabilitation Manual ‒ Rehabilitation of radicalised and terrorist offenders for first line practitioners, June 2020
Violent right-wing extremism in focus, May 2020
Peer and Self Review Manual for Exit Work, January 2020
Lessons from crime prevention in preventing violent extremism by police, January 2020
Factbook ‒ Islamist extremism, December 2019
Factbook ‒ Far-right extremism, December 2019
Preventing the risk of radicalisation of asylum seekers and refugees, and far-right mobilisation against asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants, December 2019
RAN H&SC Handbook Extremism, Radicalisation & Mental Health: handbook for practitioners, November 2019
Multi-Agency Working and preventing violent extremism: Paper II, April 2019

ISD Global

Voices of Pakistani Youth: Lessons for Civil Society in the Development of Effective Counter-Narrative Campaigns
Hoodwinked: Coordinated Inauthentic Behaviour on Facebook
Developing a Civil Society Response to Online Manipulation
Other publications:

Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence

Women and Violent Radicalization
“Returnees” Which Measures to Adopt?
Types of Radicalization
The Radicalization Process
Recognizing Violent Radicalization
Hate Incidents
Prevention Tools
Prevention Guides

General Documents

Press Pack Backgrounder “Preventing Radicalisation”, European Commission,  

Abdul Rahman Al Jaloud, Hadi Al Khatib, Jeff Deutch, Dia Kayyali, and Jillian C. York. “Caught in the Net: The Impact of “Extremist” Speech Regulations on Human Rights Content”. Electronic Frontier Foundation, Syrian Archive and Witness. 2019

Anti-semitism: An analysis (Philosophy Tube)

Anti-semitism in Europe (DW Documentary)

How We Become Genocidal: The Holocaust 

The Struggle for Survival of the Roma People: Europe's Most Hated.

Stories of the Kosovo War | Documentary 2019.

France, Islam and Secularism l Start Here, Al Jazeera English.

The butcher of Bosnia (BBC).

Srebrenica Genocide: No Room for Denial (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia).

The Death of Yugoslavia.


War on trial: The criminal tribunal for Yugoslavia and international justice (1/2). DW Documentary.

War on trial: The criminal tribunal for Yugoslavia and international justice (2/2). DW Documentary.

Panel Discussion "From Pig Farm to Genocide Memorial: Lety and the Struggle for Recognition of the Genocide against the Roma and Sinti", UN Web Tv

Why We Can Never Accept Russia’s Illegal Attempt to Annex Crimea: OSCE Diplomats. USOSCE.

Crimea: A Look Inside the New Russian Territory. Vice News.

Holomodor: Stalin’s Secret Genocide. Roman Kononenko.

Srebrenica massacre - Explained in under 2 min. BBC News.

Twenty Years After Bosnia - Lessons for Today. International Peace Institute.

Holocaust by Bullets: The Early Collaboration to Wipe Out Europe’s Jews. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

2021 First Person with Holocaust Survivor Estelle Laughlin. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

A Lasting Imprint: Photos Document a Vibrant Town Destroyed. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Young Virgins For Sale - The Controversial Bride Market of Bulgaria. Vice Asia.

Bosnia’s invisible children: Living in dignity. DW Documentary

The Russians Are Coming: Georgia’s Creeping Occupation. Vice News

Focal Point: 44 Days - Karabakh War. TRT World

The Armenia and Azerbaijan war, explained. Vox

What happened in Azerbaijan?. TRT World

The Azerbaijani threat to Armenia’s borders. FRANCE 24 English. 

Vikings vs Neo-Nazis: Battling the Far Right in Sweden. Journeyman Pictures.

Pluralising the pillars: Europe’s R2P. Protection Approaches. 

Portugal - Modern slavery for an EU passport. DW Documentary.

Freedom of expression in Europe: Who draws the line?. EURACTIV.

Germany’s Online Hate Speech Laws: Protecting Free Speech While Fighting Online Hate?. TLDR News EU.

Russia-Ukraine Tension | Putin Compares War to ‘Genocide’, Will The Conflict Spill Over to Europe?. CRUX.

The Usasa Genocide Against Serbs - Short History Documentary. Disturban History. 2021

Rwanda, a story of a genocide foretold (France 24)

Rwanda: from hatred to reconciliation (Al Jazeera)

How women are revolutionizing Rwanda, TED Talk

Why are schoolchildren being kidnapped in nigeria? l Start Here, Al Jazeera English

Why are they fighting in the central african republic? l Start Here, Al Jazeera English

Rwanda prepares for week-long commemoration of 1994 genocide | Al Jazeera English

What’s happening in Ethiopia? | Start Here. Al Jazeera English

Where is Ethiopia's Tigray war headed? | The Stream. Al Jazeera English

Could fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray trigger a wider conflict? | Inside Story. Al Jazeera English

Ethiopia on Tigray, Ethiopia - Security Council Media Stakeout. United Nations

Tigray, Ethiopia: Peace and security in Africa - Security Council. United Nations

Why Ethiopia is in a civil war. Vox

Ethiopia: Too Big to Fail. What Role for the International Community in the Tigray Crisis?. ISPI

Rwanda - 25 years after the genocide. DW Documentary

What's going on in Central African Republic?. BBC News 

Ten Years After Independence: Preventing Mass Atrocities in South Sudan. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Can there be a peaceful future for South Sudan? | Inside Story. Al Jazeera English

Juliette Paauwe speaks on the responsibility to protect and the situation in Cameroon. Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

Ethiopia and R2P. Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies.

Atrocities in Tigray: Necessary action on Ethiopia at HRC47. Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Assessments, Challenges and Issues. Centre for International Policy Studies uOttawa.

Protecting Human Rights as Emerging Technologies Proliferate in Africa, WITNESS

Documenting and Exposing Human Rights Violations in Nigeria, WITNESS

Risk of Mass Atrocities in Cameroon. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Twenty Years after the Rwandan Genocide - Lessons Learned. International Peace Institute.

Libya: investigators say war crimes may have been committed. UN Human Rights Council.

Burundi: Grave human rights violations continue. UN Human Rights Council.

What’s happening in South Africa?. Sky News.

Why South Africa is the most unequal country on Earth and how to fix it. DW News.

Gender-Based Violence Survivors in Kenya Need More Government Support. Human Rights Watch.

What next for Sudan after the coup? | Inside Story. Al Jazeera English.

The Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis in Tigray | Inside Story. Al Jazeera English.

Living through Libya's wars | Untold Chaos. The Guardian

Nigerian Uprising and the brink. VICE News.

Lekki toll gate shootings: What really happened?. BBC News Africa

The War Criminals Trying to Prevent a Genocide. VICE News.

UN Mission in the Central African Republic - MINUSCA. United Nations. 

How the international community failed Rwanda. TRT World.

The state of human rights in Africa. Brookings Institution.

Top 10 Human Rights Violations in Africa (Nigeria) | How Human Rights are abused in Nigeria. Ariyike Modile.

Why South Africa is still so segregated. Vox.

Inside the Forgotten War in Darfur, Where the Killing Never Stopped. Vice News.

Is the international community failing Ethiopia? | Inside Story. Al Jazeera English.

Namibia: The Price of Genocide | People and Power. Al Jazeera English.