The European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation explores 20 years of judicial cooperation across borders, its results and achievements. Click here. 

You can find here the 1 st episode of the Call podcast series, made by Genocide Watch. Dr. Gregory Stanton speaks about his work on genocide
prevention and some reflections on the international law and criminal punishment.
Publication of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Click here
It deals with genocide, its definition and its judicial qualification. Find the article here.
broadcast of a series of four conferences organised by GAAMAC and The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights
Studies to deal with hate speech and their links with technology and atrocity prevention.
Human Rights Watch, one of our partners, explains in
the seek for justice in the Syrian conflict and how a former Syrian Intelligence Officer was Put on Trial in Germany.
We relay an article posted on the Genocide Watch website, one of our partners, related to anti-Muslim speeches in India. 
You can find the like here.
You can find here the intervention of A.W.NDERITU who deals with the role of the UN in responding to genocide through early warning and state responsibility.