It deals with genocide, its definition and its judicial qualification. Find the article here.
broadcast of a series of four conferences organised by GAAMAC and The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights
Studies to deal with hate speech and their links with technology and atrocity prevention.
Human Rights Watch, one of our partners, explains in
the seek for justice in the Syrian conflict and how a former Syrian Intelligence Officer was Put on Trial in Germany.
We relay an article posted on the Genocide Watch website, one of our partners, related to anti-Muslim speeches in India. 
You can find the like here.
You can find here the intervention of A.W.NDERITU who deals with the role of the UN in responding to genocide through early warning and state responsibility.

With the launch of the E-Youth Library for Mass Atrocities Prevention, the Budapest Centre wishes to offer a collection of news relevant to the subject of Responsibility to Protect.

It includes a wide variety of official documents, research and articles written by various academics, as well as reports prepared by partner organizations on situations at risk.

The library also intends to provide an insight into the activities of organizations working in the field of mass atrocities prevention.

The collection, established by interns of the Budapest Centre, is designed to familiarize young people with some key policies, activities and reflections aimed at addressing the challenges of the four mass atrocity crimes, as well as provide a comprehensive overview of such concepts and the debates surrounding them.

The E-Youth Library is a product by the youth for the youth, which will be systematically updated by the interns of the Budapest Centre in the belief that they best understand the interests and demands of the younger generation, their age-group.

The management of the Budapest Centre hopes that the E-Youth Library for MAP will enrich the knowledge and expertise of the young generation dedicated to the prevention of extreme human rights violations and engage further young people in preventing mass atrocities.

Dear Reader,

if you are young or/and are aware of the needs of the younger generation, you are invited to take part in the update and further shaping and developing of the E-Youth Library. 

You can find the Library Map here

All the documents available here have been collected from the following organizations:

  •  Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect
  •  Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (CCR2P)
  •  European Institute of Peace
  •  European Network for investigation and prosecution of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes (‘Genocide Network’)
  •  European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO)
  •  Genocide Watch
  •  Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes
  •  Global Centre for R2P
  •  International Criminal Court (ICC)
  •  Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies
  •  Radicalization Awareness Network
  •  UN Office for Genocide Prevention and the R2P
  •  United Nations Human Rights Council
  •  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
You can find here our latest addition to the E-Youth Library.

LESSON 18 - RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT (R2P). International Law Project. 2021

The Role of Education in Combatting Genocide Denial. Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. 2021 g-genocide-denial/

Peacekeeping needed to face lethal technologies, climate-related disruptions & more-Security Council. United Nations. 2020

Is the international community failing Ethiopia? | Inside Story. Al Jazeera English. 2021

Namibia: The Price of Genocide | People and Power. Al Jazeera English. 2021

Is the world failing the Uighur people? | The Stream. Al Jazeera English. 2021

Special report ‒ The impact of violent extremism on the recent COVID lockdowns, Radicalisation Awareness Network

The impact of COVID-19 on preventing and countering violent radical extremism, Radicalisation Awareness Network

The rise of Violent Right-Wing Extremism in Europe, Radicalisation Awareness Network

PRACTICES Toolbox (1/4): Extremist content analysis tool, EFUS

PRACTICIES Toolbox (3/4) EN: “Digital Me” - telling stories to prevent violent extremism, EFUS

Understanding Radicalisation and Raising Awareness, EFUS

Developing a Local Multi-agency Strategy, EFUS

Prevention and Resilience-building, EFUS

De-radicalisation and Disengagement, EFUS

Counter-narratives, EFUS

RAN Webinar on "Radicalisation Hubs in the EU", Radicalisation Awareness Network

RAN Webinar on Preventing Polarisation by Creating a Shared Identity, Radicalisation Awareness Network

RAN YOUNG webinar: radicalisation and prevention, Radicalisation Awareness Network

The role of alternative narratives in preventing discrimination, polarisation and radicalisation at the local level, EFUS

Design and alternative narrative campaign and create messages that offer a positive alternative to discriminatory speech, EFUS

Explainer: What causes extremism. The Univeristy of Sydney.

An inside look at Islamic extremism | Mubin Shaikh. TED Archive.