Atrocitiy Alert No. 295: Ukraine, Venezuela and Nigeria, click here.
Episode 9A: Alexander Hinton
Episode 9B: Rebecca Barber
Publication of Trial International related to the prosecution of numerous atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Click here.
You can find here the evolution of the ICC inquiry regarding mass atrocities in Ukraine.
Publication of the Asia-Pacific Center for the Responsibility to protect regarding atrocity crimes in Myanmar, click here.
Publication of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Click here

Report  of GAAMAC on diversity and tolerance in Asia Pacific. You can find the full report here. You can also find study cases here for India and here for Malaysia. 

Report of the ICTJ “Gearing Up the Fight Against Impunity: Dedicated Investigative and Prosecutorial Capacities”. Click here.