The work of Dialogue Fiji explores the differences between dialogue and debate. Click here

Dr. Laurie Mulvey and Dr. David Holloway during the first part of the series explain the nature of conflict. Click
The project of The Paul J. Aicher Foundation provides useful examples of exercises that can be used as teaching facilitators or ideas for facilitators to implement in their own sessions. Click here.

Podcast of the Canadian Taskforce to Combat Online Antisemitism. Click here 

Publication of Genocide watch which explores war crimes and the judicial responsibility in front of the ICC. Click here
R2P Quarterly Monitor, Issued by the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Click here.

Publication of Sarah Pharaon on ‘pocket phases’, that help the facilitator to deepen participant understanding of themselves and of each other, also known as pocket. Click here.

It describes every aspect of a dialogue: from explaining the essence of dialogue, to providing useful tips on leading a workshop. Click here.