That is the next piece of the series of interviews on the contemporary challenges to implement the Responsibility to Protect. By that we continue our efforts to provide space for scholars and practitioners to express their views on even controversial issues which impede the translation of the RtoP into action.

The interview 

with Dr. Karen Smith, the UN Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect between 2019-2021

made by Dr. Gyorgy Tatar, President of BCDMAP and Dr. Gary Uzonyi, the senior faculty research fellow of the BCDMAP

touched upon topics such as

  • the influence of the changing global world order on the implementation of RtoP,
  • the contemporary challenges of RtoP,
  • the role of dialogue in advancing consensus on RtoP between Global North and South and
  • the skepticism of the Global South on the activities of the International Criminal Court.
To watch the recording, please click HERE