The intention of this series of papers is to raise awareness of the risks of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of human rights, and more specifically, mass atrocities. They are written by a group of young research assistants during their internship at the Budapest Centre who will finish their graduate studies in the next months. The articles target people of their age specifically to introduce them to the issue of AI in the context of mass atrocities and grant them a broad overview of it. The papers do not go in-depth; they merely introduce the readers to the topic of AI through the lens of mass atrocities and human rights. While academics are not the primary target, they are welcome to utilize the paper for their own purpose.

“The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Risks from the Perspective of Mass Atrocities” is the first paper written of this series and presents a global introduction to this topic. Several risks linked to or run by AI in the field of mass atrocities are detailed, such as sensitive data, the question of ethics, cybercrime or warfare.

The second paper that will be published soon regards the policies and recommendations made by international and regional organizations in response to the risks that AI may pose to human rights abuses, including the perpetration of mass atrocities.

More papers on this topic are planned to be published on the social media platforms of the Budapest Center for Mass Atrocities in the forthcoming months.

Young and ambitious researchers are most welcome to participate in this endeavor!!

Stay tuned!

Find the links to the articles below:

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Risks from the Perspective of Mass Atrocities

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in The Context of Mass Atrocities: Policies and Recommendations from International and Regional Organisations

How AI can either exacerbate or prevent genocides: Reflection based on the 10 Stages of Genocide