Central and Eastern Europe are experiencing a revitalization of ethno-nationalist political movements. Youth between 18 and 26 are a priority when tackling this issue: they are a particularly susceptible to online propaganda and extremism, also they are increasingly forming the centre of these movements. A report published by ISD (2017) found: “The most extreme fringe groups attempt to penetrate new audiences and mainstream their ideologies by using fewer extreme groups as strategic mouthpieces. Their aim is the creation of a ‘mass movement’ through the radicalisation of…Generation Z” Youth across Europe more frequently experience political disenfranchisement, feelings of being without a purpose, a lack of trust in conventional media and higher susceptibility to online propaganda and misinformation. Faced with real social, economic and political challenges in their countries which many youth don’t feel empowered or able to address, youth also experience a ‘crises of identity’ – which act as push factors of violent extremism. Far-right organizations exploit these for recruitment and to create wider pools of youth/citizens sympathetic to their arguments.”

Aim of the project

BRAVE wants to empower youth to be able to directly resist and challenge online radicalisation and propaganda by involving them into on/off-line youth-led campaigns, and equip youth for effective democratic participation to constructively address challenges in their societies, also by creating online platforms and campaign service tools to improve effectiveness and impact of counter narrative campaigns.

The project wants youth to

  • gain the tools and ability to understand and engage with dynamics of radicalisation in their families, communities and peer groups;
  • be more able to identify signals and act;
  • be provided digital and non-digital tools to investigate sources of information online;
  • expose extremist online propaganda;
  • strengthen critical thinking and gain means to verify, validate and critically analyze;
  • learn digital and media literacy skills;
  • use video tutorials, online interactive guides and resource-hubs to create their own counter-narratives.

BRAVE focuses directly on addressing youth who may be becoming radicalised, or are at more risk of radicalization.


The comprehensive methodology combines on-line campaigning, campaign support tools, training youth campaigners, real-time monitoring and research to inform campaign strategies, and customdesigned tools for youth to check online radicalisation and polarisation and increase counter-narratives impact. It will include: inspirational videos; empowering messages; step-by-step ‘how tos’; interactive guides and connecting messages all designed to best appeal to the target audiences and address critical points to earn trust and empower them with skills, knowledge and courage to act.

Learn more:

One Brave Thing website
The project's Youtube channel

Project info

Acronym: D.O.B.T.
Title: Do One Brave Thing
Duration: 24 months
GA Number: 812631
Topic ID: ISFP-2017-AG-CSEP
Call: Radicalisation
Funding Scheme: Internal Security Fund – Police Action Grant


PATRIR, Romania (project coordinator)

ActiveWatch, Romania

CESIE, Italy

IBS, Poland

Political Capital, Hungary

Zetta Cloud, Romania

For more info please contact:

György Tatár, project coordicator +36 70 586 4555
Anna Doszpoth, project scientific coordinator +36 30 439 9976
Krisztina Papp, project manager +36 20 342 9766

This publication was funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund – Police under Grant Agreement No. 812631.
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