Europe – in particular the CEE region – is experiencing a rise in polarising political and social movements characterized by Euroscepticism, chauvinism and xenophobia, radicalisation and incidents of violent extremism. These tendencies appear where a loss of societal trust, marginalisation and inflamed community tension perpetuates group-on-group discrimination or stigmatization. To develop effective detection and response interventions a systematic and targeted approach needs to be adopted for each stage of the cycle.

Aim of the project

First-line-practitioners (FLP’s) – such as teachers, law enforcement, social workers, NGOs and other actors – need an improved understanding of the impact of actions on polarisation in conjunction with other interventions and agencies, and how improved information sharing and cooperation can enhance effective detection and prevention.

The aim of the project is to establish permanent offline and online working groups combining first-line-practitioners (FLPs) of different disciplines, professions and institutions, to jointly counter polarisation, build resilience and protect vulnerable groups in their local communities.

CHAMPIONs helps FLPs to:

  • enhance effective inter-organisational collaboration and information sharing;
  • share local and EU-level good practices;
  • improve professional skills by relevant resources, videos and online trainings;
  • develop skills to detect, counter and reduce polarization;
  • build trust between civic society organisations, communities and FLPs;
  • get involved impactful awareness-raising activities.


The comprehensive methodology of the project combines on-line platform development, support tools, online training & learning resources, real-time alert systems & practitioner-friendly tools, and simulation exercises to build capacities and enable effective detection and response solution design.

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Project info

Title: Cooparetive Harmonized Action Model To Stop Polarisation In Our Nations
Duration: 24 months
GA Number: 823705
Topic ID: ISFP-2017-AG-RAD
Call: Radicalisation
Funding Scheme: Internal Security Fund – Police Action Grant


PATRIR, Romania (project coordinator)


HN, Germany

IBS, Poland

Political Capital, Hungary

SYNYO, Austria

TUDA, Germany

For more info please contact:

György Tatár, project coordinator +36 70 586 4555
Anna Doszpoth, project scientific coordinator +36 30 439 9976
Krisztina Papp, project manager +36 20 342 9766

This publication was funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund – Police under Grant Agreement No. 823705.
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