We are strategically and operatively ready to combat hate speech online under the EU-funded Words are Stones Project!

Logo BCMAP 2On 10-11 July 2018, during the II Coordination Meeting in Barcelona, the second implementation phase of the Words are Stones project has been launched. Together with partners coming from seven different EU countries – Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Czech Republic – the Budapest Centre has presented its future activities aimed at tackling and halting episodes of hate speech occurring online.

By combining both online and offline actions, our team, in cooperation with local and international organizations, will strive to reverse the vicious cycle triggered by the diffusion of hatred online, which eventually fosters social polarization and radicalization.

Sharing ideas, implementing common strategies, cooperating with the end of ameliorating today’s societies, will pave the way to the construction of a #hatersfree world, and to let our words building bridges instead of walls.

Join us in our online campaign by visiting the www.wordsarestones.eu website!

Team WaS Barcelona
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