The Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention (BCMAP) is very pleased to inform that it recently joined the newly established Community of Practice (CoP) on “Legal Aspects of Forced Displacement” within the context of the World Bank Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (GFLJD).

The Centre is already partner of the Global Forum, as its Director of Research and Cooperation, Dr. Enzo Le Fevre, is the co-chair of the CoP on Development and Mass Atrocities Prevention, which was founded in early 2013.

The creation of this new CoP comes from the necessity to contribute to the legal challenges and solutions of the historic humanitarian crisis on forced displacement the world is witnessing, as more than 40 million people are internally displaced persons worldwide. Hence, the overall aim of this CoP is to provide a forum for sharing knowledge and experience of best practices that will lead to successful integration of forcibly displaced persons into their host societies/regions by proposing sustainable legal solutions that will break the poverty trap.

As mentioned by Dr. Le Fevre, “The Budapest Centre has been stressing the need to promote social and economic inclusion of migrants and internally displaced persons in host countries to prevent a potential escalation of tensions that could eventually lead to the occurrence of mass atrocities. All the actors of the international community could and should do more to raise awareness about the benefits that the countries affected by the current migratory flows could have in integrating these people and about state responsibility to guarantee human security to all individuals, regardless their nationality, race, and religion.” Hence, the BCMAP hopes to contribute towards the successful implementation of both the objectives of the CoP and its activities, in light of a shared vision based on collaboration and cooperation.

Written by Luigia D’Alessandro