Atrocity alert No. 356: Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Syria,
Publication of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. Click here.

PUBLICATION - Drawing on the crisis in Cameroon as an example, this article discusses how practitioners—especially policy makers and non-governmental advocates—can use the Simon-Skjodt Center’s Tools for Atrocity Prevention resource to inform and strengthen policy responses to specific cases. Click here.


PUBLICATION - Shirin Anlen and Raquel Vazquez Llorente highlight the potential of using AI tools to support human rights advocacy and social critique, without neglecting appropriate caution and ethical considerations. Click here

PODCAST - Engaging with the powerful
Click here to access this episode from the Centre of Humanitarian Dialogue with Haile Menkerios.

PUBLICATION - Kristina Hook and Ernesto Verdeja examine how social media misinformation (SMM) can worsen political instability and legitimize mass atrocities. They propose several recommendations for the instability and atrocity prevention community. Click here.