Atrocity alert No. 345: Sudan, Ukraine and the Central Sahel
Publication of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, click here.

PODCAST - practical skills
The art of creating safe spaces for difficult conversations. 
Click here to access this episode from the Centre of Humanitarian Dialogue with Catherine Ashton.
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BLOG - Dag Hammarskjöld on dialogue and social distancing
Click here to read Sarah Smith's take on this new paradigm.

PODCAST - Episode with Ahmad Helmi

Expert Voices on Atrocity Prevention Episode 19 : Ahmad Helmi

PUBLICATION - Sudan and the limits of externally facilitated dialogues
Anne-Laure Mahé, in collaboration with the Egmont Institute dives into dialogue and where it stands with democratisation and peacebuilding.
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VIDEO - The paradox of intercultural communication
Helena Merschdorf dives into the so-called invisible misunderstandings that one can face in intercultural communication and what to do about it.