Atrocity Alert No. 304: Sudan, El Salvador and Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Publication of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, click here.


PUBLICATION- Genocide Watch: Tajikistan

Nat Hill explains the latest events in Tajikistan and gives recommendations regarding the issue, click here


PUBLICATION - Click here for the latest updates of the Turkish new military operation against the Kurds in northern Syria.


VIDEO - Interview with Ivan Ransom

The interview  with Ivan Ransom, a participant of the second Latin America Dialogue shows the insights of the interview about the opportunity,



VIDEO - Dialogue for Peace in Cameroon

Participants of the dialogue seminar in Cameroon share their experiences and call for the need of further dialogue in Cameroon,



PUBLICATION - Making new connections instead of new borders

Steinar Bryn, the senior adviser at the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue describes his experiences as a dialogue facilitator in the Balkans, click here.