Platform for Prevention

Never Again: An interview with Adama Dieng, Special Adviser on Prevention of Genocide 

How to prevent genocide - a conversation with war crimes expert, Theodor Meron

Stopping Hate Speech

Defending People - Promoting Justice and Human Rights

The importance of Atrocity Prevention

The Role of Justice in Preventing the Recurrence of Atrocities

Dealing with the Legacy of Atrocities

Addressing the Root Causes of Atrocities

Understanding Perpetrators to Better Prevent Atrocities

Innovative Approaches for Atrocity Prevention

The importance of atrocity prevention

Prevention Talks. Episode 1: What can we learn from COVID-19? A parallel between public health and atrocity prevention (GAAMAC, 2020)

Prevention Talks. Episode 2: What can we learn from COVID-19? Making atrocity prevention strategies more efficient (GAAMAC, 2020)

Prevention Talks. Episode 3: What can we learn from COVID-19? The role of leadership and political will in prevention (GAAMAC, 2020) 

UN Chief on the Prevention of Genocide - Media Stakeout. United Nations

How to Prevent Genocide - a conversation with war crimes expert, Theodor Meron. United Nations.

Strengthening policies to protect human rights and prevent genocide. LSE. 

Genocide Prevention - young people say never again (9 December - Genocide Prevention Day). United Nations. 

4th Annual Genocide Studies Conference: “Genocide War Crimes Accountability”. U.S. Naval War College.


Keynote: Alice Wairimu Nderitu, Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, United Nations. Eradicate Hate Global