INFOGRAPHICS- Listening skills: Hear what people are really saying 

The figure shows five techniques to improve your active listening skills! Click here

PUBLICATION- Negotiations, dialogue and mediation: Which approach leads to intra-state peace?

The blogpost of the Berghof Foundation explores the differences of dialogue, negotiation and mediation. Click here

PUBLICATON- Check-in / Check-out

The summary of Hyper Island emphahises the importance of Check-in/Check-out during dialogue facilitation. Click here

VIDEO- Brené Brown on Empathy

The short video displays the differences between empathy and sympathy. The former is a useful skill for dialogue participants. The latter is known as a tool that the dialogue  facilitators ought not to use. Click

PUBLICATION- A Guide for Training Public Dialogue Facilitators

The project of The Paul J. Aicher Foundation provides useful examples of exercises that can be used as teaching facilitators or ideas for facilitators to implement in their own sessions. Click here.

PUBLICATION- What’s in your pocket?

Publication of Sarah Pharaon on ‘pocket phases’, that help the facilitator to deepen participant understanding of themselves and of each other, also known as pocket. Click here.

PUBLICATION- The Dialogue Handbook

It describes every aspect of a dialogue: from explaining the essence of dialogue, to providing useful tips on leading a workshop. Click here.

PUBLICATION- The role of strong emotions in Dialogue

Publication of the Essential Partners which explores the facilitator's role in case of participants expressing strong emotion. Click here.

PUBLICATION- Building empathy: The Fishbowl Conversation

The Fishbowl Method explained by Dean Pribetic can be used during the dialogue by the facilitators as a tool to enhance empathy. Click here


PUBLICATION- Helpful Questions for Dialogue Facilitation

The list of the Program on Intergroup Relations provides a list of questions from which facilitators can choose from in case they get stuck in a difficult dialogue to facilitate. Click here