PUBLICATION- The future of transitional justice

Berghof Foundation held it’s first ‘dialogue on transitional justice’ to read the main takeaways, click here


INTERVIEW- Every voice matters for peace on the Korean Peninsula: Kim Jeongsoo on Korean women’s role in making peace possible

Click here to access the interview with Kim Jeongsoo about the Ulaanbaatar (dialogue) Process. 


BLOG POST-   The language of dialogue

What happens when we translate ‘dialogue’ across languages? To find out, click here

PRESS RELEASE- Dialouge in Somalia

To acess the press release about the expert dialogue workshop on Strengthening Women’s Role in Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Processes in Somalia, click here


PUBLICATION- Guide to facilitating dialogues

To read the guide about useful tools for facilitators, click here


PUBLICATION- From humanitarian worker to peacebuilder: What I've learned

To read the story of Yara El Moussaoui, click here

VIDEO - Women and Youth in India and Pakistan Against Violent Extremism

The participants of the dialogue  event describe their experiences in the short video,


BLOG POST - Youth empowering each other through dialogue

The blogpost displays the opinion of three young peacebuilders and their experiences in promoting youth participation in dialogue, click here


VIDEO -Interview with Salmon Zaga

The interview shows the insights of Salmon Zaga, the participants of the second Latin America Dialogue,

VIDEO - Interview with Ivan Ransom

The interview  with Ivan Ransom, a participant of the second Latin America Dialogue shows the insights of the interview about the opportunity,


VIDEO - Dialogue for Peace in Cameroon

Participants of the dialogue seminar in Cameroon share their experiences and call for the need of further dialogue in Cameroon,


PUBLICATION - Making new connections instead of new borders

Steinar Bryn, the senior adviser at the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue describes his experiences as a dialogue facilitator in the Balkans, click here.


PUBLICATION: National Dialogue in Sudan: Past Experiences and Current Challenges

The publication of Atta El-Hassan El-Battahani explanes the way how dialogue and other peace processes were used in Sudan, click here


PUBLICATION: Public attitudes in Japan towards peacebuilding and dialogue with armed groups

The Conciliation Resources and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation have conducted a survey which partly dealt with the Japanese attitude towards dialogue. This short video summarizes the key findings of the survey,

. The full analysis is available at this link, click here


VIDEO CONFERENCE- Is dialogue enough? 

Huda Abuarquob and Meredith Rothbart explores the role of dialogue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and  whether dialogue is enough to promote peace and  better relations between Jews, Muslims, Christians, Israeli and Palestinians.

INTERVIEW- Interview with Jessica Ball

She shares her experience as a Dialogue Facilitator and how she became engaged with Dialogue. Click here.

VIDEO- The Experiment Digital Facilitators & Peer Mentors

The young facilitators share their experience in facilitating dialogue in a digital format.


ARTICLE - Community dialogue in Somalia

The article displays how the International Committee for the Development of Peoples (Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli, CISP) implemented a dialogical approach during their work in Mogadishu and what lessons should be drawn from that experience. Click here.  


ARTICLE-From humanitarian worker to peace builder: What I've learned

The work of Sara, an 18-year-old Rwandan is especially important regarding dialogue. Click here


ARTICLE- Education: A Stepping Stone to Peace in Egypt

Khaled Emam's efforts in Egypt include creating a place for the local where dialogue is possible. Click here

VIDEO- Importance of dialogue in conflict prevention and peacebuilding

Meri Joyce explains how dialogue is an important tool used in NorthEast Asia. Click


VIDEO- ‘Culture of Dialogue’ as a Decolonial Peace-Building Tool: The Case of Colombia

Lucía Mesa-Vélez introduces the findings of her research on dialogue and peace-building in the framework of the Colombian organization called Rodeemos el Diálogo (Embrace Dialogue, ReD).  Click


VIDEO- Nansen Dialogue Centre (NDC) Mostar 

The short video demonstrates the importance of dialogue in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where the relationship of the  different ethnic groups are still fragile. Click

PUBLICATION- Improving prospects for peace through Georgian-Abkhaz dialogue

The initiative of Conciliation Resources, brings together civil society, officials and experts from both sides of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict. Click here.

VIDEO-Why is dialogue important in peacebuilding?

Contributors from the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation explain why dialogue is an important tool in peacebuilding. Click here

VIDEO-The Anatomy of Dialogue: Conflict is NOT a Threat

Dr. Laurie Mulvey and Dr. David Holloway during the first part of the series explain the nature of conflict. Click


VIDEO- The Community Dialogue Approach

The Malaria Consortium developed a method, called the Community Dialogue Approach, that combines elements of dialogue and consulting to improve the health and welfare of the participants. Click