The Budapest Centre

The Budapest Centre is the operational body of the Foundation for the International Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities. It is a non-governmental international entity with unique technical and political expertise in the fields of conflict prevention, human rights, international and humanitarian law. Its staff is comprised of international experts, researchers, international lawyers, analysts, mediators and diplomats able to provide the Centre with the necessary knowledge and experience to reach its goals and objectives.

It acts as an independent and impartial partner of Governments, the United Nations, regional organizations, the European Union and other international actors. When establishing the Centre its founders envisaged to fill the critical need to establish a dedicated body in Europe to promote and contribute to the international efforts to prevent genocide and mass atrocities and to increase the role of Europe, including the European Union, in such efforts.

The activities of the Centre are built on three main pillars: Prevention Policy Planning Programme, Programme of Research and Cooperation, Dialogue.